Office buildings with permanently closed windows need to maintain their ventilation and air conditioning system well to ensure the thermal and safety of the employees. Inadequate maintenance is a burden in terms of health and safety.

Cleaning the ventilation ducts is a technical process that needs domain expertise. The area of preventive maintenance is gaining ground across commercial settings in the world.

In Canada, firms like Nettoyeurs Provincial de Conduits d’Air provide preventive maintenance services to commercial establishments across the country.

This article takes you through the process of duct cleaning and suggests how to choose a good firm for the same.

Let us begin!

How necessary is duct cleaning to commercial establishments?

Office buildings are mostly hermit buildings. They have windows that cannot be opened for energy-saving requirements.

To maintain adequate air quality and quantity, the buildings are equipped with ventilation and air conditioning systems. They are subject to regular preventive maintenance. 

Benefits of maintenance

  • Maximize the efficiency and energy efficiency of the heating and cooling equipment.
  • Prevents microbial growth caused due to lack of aeration.
  • Improves air quality in the room
  • Productivity gains to the employees.
  • Fire safety increases
  • Removal of contaminants such as dust, allergen components, bacteria, etc.

How is duct cleaning done?

It is recommended that the commercial establishments need to go for cleaning ventilation ducts at least once every three years or more frequently in some cases.

  1. The installation is inspected by a remote-controlled robot.
  2. The access hatchets are opened and installed.
  3. Cleaning is done through suction or drive method
  4. It is followed by zoning balloon suction.
  5. The equipment is treated to mechanical rotary brushing and pulse with compressed air.
  6. Use of industrial vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters.
  7. Bactericide is applied by vaporization inside the ducts.
  8. Quality control and final inspection reports are given by the agency.
  9. Further correspondence on any detected vulnerabilities is given by some firms.

Suggestions to choose a cleaning agency

  • Choose a firm with professional experience in the domain.
  • It should adopt cleaning procedures NADCA (ACR2013)
  • The firm should offer technical guidance post-maintenance.
  • The pricing of services should be affordable.
  • It should provide insurance cover.

Concluding thoughts

Preventive maintenance is a necessary investment for commercial establishments to ensure the safety and health of their employees. 

Choose a professional agency to get a hassle-free cleanup of your ventilation system. It is an imperative for your safety and productivity.