Kitchen is the integral part of any household. It is that focal point from where the ultimate energy to run a household comes from. Thus, renovating your kitchen every few years not just keeps it healthy but also imparts it a fresh new perspective. However, just changing every inch of the kitchen or incorporating the newest trends would not complete the renovation. You need to find the defects and problem areas before finalizing the renovation plan. 

So here are some of the common FAQs are answered, which is sure to clear all your doubts regarding kitchen renovation.

How much time does it take to renovate a kitchen?

The time required for a complete renovation of the kitchen depends on the size of the kitchen. Usually, the renovation of a standard-sized kitchen takes around six to nine weeks. Since every renovation project is personalized and designed uniquely, the time range is mentioned. The time required also depends on the complexity of the plan. Alongside structural changes, if you have also opted for floor reconstruction, the time required might increase. 

When is the best time for kitchen renovation?

There is a lot that you need to consider before opting for kitchen renovation. Based on the complexity of your renovation plan, your kitchen would remain dysfunctional for a few weeks to a few months. The ideal time to renovate the kitchen is just before you move in. However, there is no best time to renovate your kitchen. Since it is the cooking area, you would definitely need an alternate solution to keep up with the things.

What is the average cost of kitchen renovation?

Again, the total cost of renovating the kitchen depends on the complexity of the project and the specific areas you choose to renovate. The tiles and flooring fixtures would need an average of $10,000 to renovate. Changing the cabinets would need around $45,000. However, the overall renovation project might cost around $80,000 to $100,000 depending on what you change as this price includes top to bottom renovation.

Will kitchen renovation increase the house’s value?

Usually, a complete kitchen renovation yields good returns while selling the house. The average return on a standard kitchen renovation is around 50%. Thus, a kitchen renovation is a good idea to get the investment back.

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