Bugs can irritate you and your family, and Austin pest control experts can help you get rid of these pests. In this blog, you will know the types of bed bugs.

What Are Bed Bugs? 

Bed bugs are insects whose food is mainly human blood, and the characteristics of the bed bugs are commonly flat bodies and reddish brownish skin. They only come out for food when pitching dark. As the name suggests, bed bugs found in bed sheets and pillow covers attack humans asleep at night. 

Common types of bed bugs

Common Bed Bug

The common bed bug is usually found all around the world. These bugs are found in ordinary households by caching in clothes or luggage. Once they settle in a particular place, it does not take much time to multiply quickly. 

Tropical Bed Bug

As the name says, tropical bed bugs are named mainly after common bugs. Tropical bed bugs are found especially in humid, tropical regions in parts of the world and are redesigned to live in a warm temperature. The bugs are approximately 0.2 inches in length and 0.9 inches wide and are slightly smaller than the common bed bugs. Also, their growth cycle is a little longer than that of the common bed bugs. 

Eastern bat bug

Eastern bat bugs usually are found around bats. Their fodder is mainly latching on bats’ wings and feeding on them during the daytime when they are sleeping. 

Western bat bug

Western Bat bugs are somewhat similar to eastern bugs. Western bat bugs are rarely found leaving the nesting place of their hosts. 

Swallow bug

These species of bugs depend on birds’ blood for their fodder. Swallow bugs can survive for one year straight without having anything to eat. They occupy empty bird nests in the early springs when busy shifting northward. 

Poultry Bug

Poultry bugs are found mainly in poultry farms. Their food depends on poultry birds’ like chicken, turkey, and ducks. These bugs especially hide in coops or barns next to wherever the food is kept, staying out of sight. 

Chimney bug

They are the same as bed bugs, and even this food is typical. Chimney bugs are similar to common bed bugs, and the critical difference in chimney bugs is that they stay awake and crawl around. 

To get rid of these bed bugs, maintain cleanliness, and you may think of opting for a professional pest control service.