A beverage center can be the ideal new appliance to buy for your home for a variety of reasons. For instance, you might not want your family frequently open and close the refrigerator if you live in a warmer region. Having a beverage center reduces the number of trips to the kitchen for resupply if you have a man cave or a shed. You can socialize privately with your buddies! For your outdoor kitchen, you may also acquire a beverage center that is outdoor-compatible, which will cut down on the amount of time you need to spend indoors while hosting guests.

With an aim to boost people’s sense of happiness, we create this new product series-beverage cooler.

Empava BR04D Dual Zone Wine Fridge & Beverage Cooler

This is not only a beverage cooler but also a good container for bottles of wine. The 30-in french door beverage and wine refrigerator is the ideal fusion of fashion and use. It has the USA & Canada ETL certification. Empava refrigerators have become a highly popular option for kitchen renovations and new construction over the past few years. Wine bottles, beer cans, soft beverages, milk, water, snacks, and much more fit in the 6.2 sq. ft. capacity!

Dual Zone Temperature Control

Wine and beverages have separate temperature zones, with 7 wooden racks for wine and 4 iron shelves for beverages. Wine can be served at a temperature between 40 and 66 °F in the left zone while beverages can be served at 38 to 50 °F in the right zone. The ergonomic touchpad on the blue LED digital display adjusts the temperature of the wine and beverage cooler and makes it simple to change between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Advanced Cooling System

The Empava beverage refrigerator is designed with a strong, high-efficiency compressor and two convection fans to disperse cold air evenly throughout the cabinet and keep the entire cooler at the perfect temperature. Assure that the humidity is constant throughout each bottle to avoid hot areas, icing, and uneven cooling.

Beechwood Shelves

For your convenience, the Empava cooler has 7 beech wood shelves (beautiful, robust chrome) and 4 iron shelves with black painting. These shelves can accommodate up to 96 (12 oz.) beverage cans and 33 wine bottles.

High-Quality Stainless Steel

The tempered, smoked glass is double glazed, and the front of the door is finished in stainless steel. A stainless steel handle on the beverage cooler makes it simple for you to open the door and provides the cooler with a contemporary, streamlined appearance. You can quickly locate your drinks at night thanks to the inside LED light.

Quiet Energy Saving

The strong cooling system in the beverage refrigerator swiftly drops the temperature and keeps the noise level at or below 41 decibels.

Slide-in or Stand Alone

This sleek stainless steel beverage center is tiny and attractive, making it ideal for small areas like RVs and boats or as extra drink storage in your kitchen.

Empava BR02S 24-Inch Freestanding & Built-in Beverage Fridge

Unlike BR04D, BR02S is just a beverage cooler. To keep your favorite beverage at the ideal temperature, you may alter the temperature between 38°F and 50°F (3°C and 10°C) with the movable thermostat. The cooler’s advanced compressor technology enables it to manage interior temperatures precisely and uniformly while making little noise.

This beverage cooler is equipped with 6 adjustable and removable chrome shelves, which can hold 140 cans (12 oz.) of beverages. As for the irregularly shaped bottles, it is easy for you to store them by removing shelves. 5.2 cu. ft. capacity suitable for beer cans, soft drinks, milk, water, snacks, and much more!

The shelves slide out to make living easier and are constructed of chrome to avoid dampness. The door hinges are made so that you may position this beverage cooler next to other appliances without worrying about it obstructing their ability to open. It can be used as a freestanding unit or it will fit in a 23.8-inch space underneath your kitchen worktop.

It is simple to modify the temperature, led, or even switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit thanks to the blue LED digital display, which is controlled by an ergonomic touchpad. With a reversible hinged door, you can install it for left- or right-side opening. The double-glazed, tempered, smoked glass door has a stainless-steel front surface.