Have you noticed that your curtains are starting to fall apart? This is because we do not give these curtains the care they deserve. In addition, we lack information on how to clean the curtains to look better and last longer. Do not worry about it. You have read the right article that your set of curtains will look clean and like new.


It is important that you follow the cleaning instructions on the curtain label. Therefore, if Dry Cleaning is written on the label as a way to clean the curtain, it is best to follow this direction. When you take curtains to dry cleaners, make sure the store really knows how to make dry clean curtains. In addition, it is even better if they know how to make curtains from different fabrics. Otherwise, they may damage your hinge. So some people ask about the best laundry stores, which are very good in curtains for dry cleaning. Even though curtains are cheap, they still provide the greatest care you can.

Machine washable

If you choose a fast and cheap way of washing and cleaning, then fill the curtains that are washed in the washing machine. You can browse the web for many techniques for washing curtains in the washing machine without risking dust and gentle dripping. It is better to put the washing machine in a dangerous curtain washing cycle, especially those made of sensitive fabrics. This ensures that the fabric does not rot. Thicker curtains should also be washed for the hazardous cycle function, as the machine can also damage them, especially if the curtain is too exposed to the sun.

Curtains with colored and even simple ones should use a special type of detergent. Make sure the detergent is not strong on the curtains. For other curtains that can be washed in the washing machine, read the label carefully for further effective washing in the washing machine. If you want to dry the curtains with a dryer, put them on the curtains in a gentle cycle. Drying takes some time, but it will ensure that the curtains are not damaged and last longer than before. Before hanging it on the windows, make sure that you have dried it completely.

Another option

There are definitely other options for cleaning curtains. After washing the curtain, be sure to hang the curtain in the same way as you hung it before, with the side exposed to sunlight outwards, so as not to damage the inside. When buying a new set of curtains, be sure not to wash them every week to avoid damaging the fabric. In addition to a vacuum cleaner, you can use other cleaning tools to clean the curtains. You can try a brush, static cloth, or wet cloth to clean.