If you’re currently looking at rugs for sale online, then you’ve probably already run into a few issues that seem rather difficult to overcome. For instance, you’re likely not going to directly be able to feel a rug when you’re shopping online and not know what it feels like underfoot until it arrives at your door! 

This is why there are plenty of considerations that online area rug shoppers need to keep in mind, and we’ve teamed up with Rug Source to ensure that you’re provided with ample amounts of valuable information that makes your online rug shopping experience much easier. 

So below is what you should know when you’re looking at rugs for sale online: 

Avoid Measuring Issues 

Every online rug outlet is going to provide you with an incredible selection of high-quality options, and this is why you’re going to need to do your homework prior to getting online so you can know the precise measurements that you require for your new purchase. 

Knowing your minimum/maximum dimensions for your new area rug will go a very long way in assisting your online area rug search, primarily because you’ll be able to quickly filter your search by sizes. Getting the wrong sized rug is one of the biggest mistakes that online rug shoppers make, so it’s important to be diligent when conducting these types of measurements so you don’t experience any stressful return scenarios that should generally be avoided! 

Verify Rug Material

The material of your new area rug is going to be a huge factor in determining its overall value and durability, and the truth is that online rug shoppers tend to have some issues when picking out rug materials. A lot of people will be lured into cute designs and patterns and neglect what the rug is made of, but this is a big mistake!

You should always choose natural rug fibers like wool, jute, cotton or silk over synthetic counterparts, unless you do want an affordable option that is machine-washable like a lot of synthetic rugs are. There are pros and cons for both natural and synthetic rug materials, so it’s important to verify your own values and come to understand what rug material suits your unique needs. 

Durability Matters 

Rug durability is very important, and it’s something that a lot of online shoppers tend to get screwed on. In general, the better quality of the area rug, the more durable it’ll ultimately end up being. 

Pile refers to how deep a rug’s fibers are, and many low pile rugs are more durable as compared to high pile area rugs that are generally more soft and cozy underfoot. Low pile rugs are a good option for households with pets or children, but of course there are plenty of low-traffic places throughout your home where a high pile rug would work great. 

Knot density is also a major factor when it comes to a rug’s overall durability, and this refers to the overall amount of knots per square inch within the rug’s foundation. The general rule of thumb here is that the higher the knot density, the more durable the rug is. This metric is also very important when it comes to verifying the overall detail of a rug’s patterns and design. 

Online Rugs Can Be More Affordable

A lot of people search for area rugs online because they believe they can get a better deal as compared to shopping at in-person showrooms, and this is generally true. If you search online within the right websites, you certainly can get a great area rug at a significantly reduced price as compared to going to boutique outlets and other expensive brick and mortar locations. 

Contact The Rug Source Specialists When Browsing Through Rugs For Sale Online! 

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