Whether you have updated your countertops with granite, or want to renovate them and are considering granite as your chosen material, you want to know how to care for new granite countertops. Although it takes a bit of effort to care for Granite au Sommet comptoir de granite, caring for them does need to be complicated.  Keep reading to know to clean your granite countertops to ensure they look beautiful for many years. 

Sealing the Counters

Before you place things on the counters, seal them first. Because granite has pores, it can absorb food spills or even cleaning chemicals, which can damage and stain the material permanently. 

Once granite counters are installed, put drops of water on them to know if they are sealed. The counters are sealed when they bead up and stay. On unsealed counters, water tends to be absorbed after dropping it in a few minutes. Ensure you check the seal on the counters regularly and reseal them at least once every year. 

Not Using Harsh Cleaners

When you clean granite countertops, you must follow some rules each time. First, you must not use harsh cleaners, particularly breaching agents on them. The cleaners can damage your countertops’ surface, possibly stripping through their sealant. Do not use bleach, window cleaner, ammonia, and natural acids such as lemon, lime juice, or lemon. 

Using Proper Tools

Harsh cleaning tools can also damage your granite countertops. Although the sealant is meant to protect the counters against everyday wear and tear, they can still be subjected to damage in some ways. You might scrub the seal off or scratch the granite’s surface. 

Do not scrub sponges and use steel wool on the granite. Rather, choose gentle cloths such as a damp paper towel or old washcloth to clean your granite countertops. A microfiber cloth is the best option to keep the countertop sealant and the granite in perfect condition. 

Daily Cleaning

Whenever you use your kitchen counters, clean them often to avoid dealing with tough stains and messes later. Clear them off or get rid of any item on the counters as you clean. This way, you can get spills or crumbs that might be hiding behind canisters. Then, wipe the counters with a clean cloth you soaked in hot soapy water. Pay close attention to corners and places with spills. Finally, wipe the counters dry using a microfiber cloth to ensure you do not streak on the granite.