Whether you are one of the millions of Americans who care for an elderly parent at home, you may be wondering if there is a better way to care for them than to keep them at home. Consider placing them in a nursing facility, but first, consider an ADU. ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, are small apartments that may provide all of the care and monitoring your loved one requires without needing them to leave their house. ADUs may be a good choice for nursing homes while also relieving caregiver stress. Please continue reading to learn more about ADUs in Oakland, CA, and whether they are right for your family.

In the Community

Having an ADU in your garden offers various advantages while caring for an elderly parent or family member. The most crucial benefit is that the ADU provides your loved one with more space and privacy, helping them to feel more comfortable and protected as they age. You may easily care for your loved one while being independent and autonomous. Having an ADU close ensures you’ll always be there for your parent when they need you, whether it’s bringing over a home-cooked dinner or providing medical assistance. Finally, with all of these substantial benefits, it is clear that having an ADU in your backyard is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Additional ADU Applications

ADUs are becoming increasingly popular as a method to house extended family members or elderly relatives. These modest extra dwellings are typically built to an existing structure and give a pleasant living space close to the main house.

Another significant benefit of ADUs is that they enable families to stay close even when circumstances make a living together under one roof difficult. An ADU can help provide your loved ones the space and assistance they need, whether they are going through a tough time or simply looking for their first taste of independence (in a safer setting). Furthermore, these little secondary homes are often less expensive than larger ones, making them ideal for those on a tight budget.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to accommodate your extended family or aging loved ones, consider purchasing an ADU. With its customizable design and various benefits, it might be the appropriate solution for all of your housing needs.

How to Begin an ADU Building Project

When building an ADU, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you must assess if your property is appropriate for an ADU. Consider the following critical elements:

  • The dimensions and shape of your lot
  • Existence of easements on your land
  • Local zoning regulations

After you’ve finished the preliminary work, you may start planning the design and construction process. If this looks daunting, you’re in luck! Acton ADU is one of California’s most experienced ADU builders. With their crew, you will have over 30 years of experience on your side. They may help you through the common problems of building an ADU in California, such as:

  • Alternatives for project financing
  • The viability of the house
  • Expenses for hidden permit fees
  • Government housing regulations

Acton ADU provides a personalized, high-quality, traditionally-built backyard home with all the bells and whistles! Visit www.actonadu.com to view their portfolio and learn more about other families that are looking for extra family space like yours! One of their bespoke ADUs has a full kitchen, a comfortable sitting area with a mounted TV, a spacious bedroom, a full bathroom with stacked washing and dryer machines, and even an office space! With so many options, you may customize your ADU to meet the needs of your family.

Security Options

There are several factors to consider if you want to build an ADU in your house to provide housing for your elderly or disabled loved ones. First and foremost, check that the unit meets all safety standards and is built in compliance with local building codes. You could, for example, install non-slip flooring, a bathtub seat/grab bars, and lever handles in your ADU (instead of standard doorknobs).

You must also consider how much help your family members will demand in terms of care, housework, and other critical responsibilities. One of the many benefits given by Acton ADU is in-house laundry hookups, which make it easier to complete tasks such as washing.

Finally, plan out your transition strategy and identify who will be accountable for paying for any necessary adjustments or enhancements. By completing comprehensive planning and researching all of your options, you can ensure that everyone involved feels supported during this process and has the best possible experience with your ADU.

Taking Care of Your Elderly Family Members

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease or a similar chronic condition, various issues may arise. For one reason, it is usually difficult to regulate the sick person’s desires and activities. Furthermore, the individual living in an ADU may find it challenging to retain a sense of independence and normalcy.

One option for coping with these issues is to hire a professional nurse or home care provider who can provide regular care and support. This might involve medicine delivery, vital sign monitoring, and physical assistance as needed. The nurse and your loved one may go about their daily routines alone in the ADU, and when they are having a bad day, everyone can have the space they need.

Other supportive services, such as visiting physical therapists, may be useful in dealing with the challenges of caring for an elderly loved one. Finally, finding adaptive solutions that satisfy your needs as well as the needs of the person you are caring for will be crucial to making your trip as easy as possible.

Final Thoughts

ADUs offer various benefits to homeowners and their families. If you’re considering building an ADU for a loved one, we recommend getting started right away. When starting this project, keep in mind the zoning restrictions in your area as well as how to build the space properly for your individual needs. All of these things and more may be handled by the Acton ADU team. They have years of experience designing and building ADUs, so you can be certain that your job will be handled properly. Call them right away to get started!