It’s always fun to choose new flooring for your home. From vinyl to Carpet, there are so many colors and materials to choose from that it can be easy to focus solely on those options. The carpet underlay carpet, on the other hand, is an easy-to-forget component of carpet installation. If you don’t have the right underlay for the job, you won’t be able to walk comfortably across that new floor.

When selecting an option, there are a few steps to take into account. Underlays carpet can be beneficial in different areas of the home, and the flooring you choose can also affect which one you choose. But the best place to start is with an understanding of the options and the reasons why you need them. In order to help you select the ideal underlay material for your project, we’ll go over these important points in this underlay guide.

Carpet underlay types

It is very important to choose the right carpet underlay for your project. The right material can help extend the life of your carpet by up to 50% and improve underfoot comfort. You can take a look at our extensive selection of underlays to get a first impression. We’ve listed the four most common kinds of carpet underlay for you to look at because we know that choosing which one to use can be difficult, especially when trying to estimate how much underlay carpet you’ll need for your project.


Previously, rubber was used to make the majority of sold underlay. Polyurethane, more commonly referred to as “PU,” has replaced this. It is a greener option for many because it is made from recycled foam or offcuts. The fact that PU is available in a variety of thicknesses and densities to suit a variety of floors and budgets makes it suitable for every flooring project. The Primary Carpet Underlay is a good example of this kind because it is affordable and flexible, making it a great all-rounder.

Rubber Sponge

The rubber sponge underlay carpet is still a popular option, but synthetic rubber has replaced natural rubber in its production in recent years. However, that does not imply that its quality has diminished.  Options like the Satisfaction Carpet Underlay, which has a thickness of 9 millimeters, can give your carpet flooring a really luxurious and comfortable feel. This underlay carpet, which comes in a variety of thicknesses, is great for use anywhere in the house.

Crumb Rubber 

The best kind of carpet underlay for high-traffic areas is crumb rubber .It is ideal for use in landings, staircases, and hallways because it is dense and long-lasting. It’s also environmentally friendly because every square meter of this material contains one car tire, making it tough and durable. This kind of underlay carpet typically has a thickness of 6 to 9 millimeters, like the Patron Carpet Underlay, which has a thickness of 6.5 millimeters.

Felt/Crumb Rubber Combination

Like the pure crumb rubber underlay it builds on, the felt/crumb rubber underlay combines the comfort of felt with the resilience of crumb rubber. Each square meter of rubber contains at least one car tire. The Excellence Carpet Underlay, for example, is ideal for use in all home rooms due to its combination of materials, which makes it excellent for both heat and sound insulation.