Sophisticated Pool Waterfall Ideas To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Pool Waterfall Ideas

The swimming pool can be a great addition to the outdoor space. But if you want to upgrade the appeal, there are numerous amazing pool waterfall ideas you can adopt.

From the natural design, grandeur, to interesting landscape, the possibility to have flowing pool water is nearly endless. Even more, the soothing sound of the water brings a calm and relaxing feeling for those around it. Combine it with the unique design and surrounding style, the waterfall can look very natural.

Imagine yourself swimming in a beautiful pool with rippling water and a calming atmosphere like some of these designs, it would be such a blessing.

[01 of 10] Mansfield

Mansfield 1a

Mansfield 1bvia: picture1 , picture2

Many pool waterfall ideas try to incorporate natural landscape and appearance. Just like this picture that comes with waterfalls and water fountains.

The mountainous landscaping with terraced waterfall, create a great scenic view in this area. A great match with the surrounding scenery and natural aesthetic, make the pool looks better.

[02 of 10] Pool Waterfalls

Pool Waterfalls 2a

Pool Waterfalls 2bvia: picture1 , picture2

The water that flows in this picture appear elegant with some accent lighting. The pool itself comes in two different levels, making a constant water flow.

The rocky waterfall is there to add aesthetic, hide the slide, and bring an interesting focal point to the outdoor space.

[03 of 10] Aqua Blue Pools

Aqua Blue Pools 3a

Aqua Blue Pools 3bvia: picture1 , picture2

This modern styled swimming pool combines a fountain and waterfall. The pool waterfall ideas look great with its simple design.

The waterfall is located on the side of the higher pool, stream the water to the lower pool. Making a great water flow and sound to break the silence in the backyard.

[04 of 10] Doherty

Doherty 4a

Doherty 4bvia: picture1 , picture2

This design doesn’t take too much effort to build with amazing landscapes. The installation is very simple and located right under the pool deck.

Even though it is rather simple, but the addition makes a difference and adds beauty to the pool as well. Make the water ripples and create an inviting atmosphere.

[05 of 10] Inground Swimming Pool

colorful lights 5a

colorful lights 5bvia: picture1 , picture2

What makes this design astonishing is the combination of sheer waterfall and colorful lights. They bring a whimsical appearance to the outdoor space.

You can see how the lighting fixtures located in different locations, above the fall, under the pool, and inside the fall. They perfectly highlight this amazing waterfall landscape.

[06 of 10] Rico Rock

Rico Rock 6a

Rico Rock 6bvia: picture1 , picture2

The rocky landscape, pool edging, and the waterfall in this picture add nature touch to the swimming pool. The whole area comes in one theme- nature.

You can see all the plants come together complementing the pool and waterfall design. The use of rock also adds texture and softens the looks.

[07 of 10] Pool Waterfall Swim Nj

Pool Waterfall Swim Nj 7a

Pool Waterfall Swim Nj 7bvia: picture1 , picture2

Natural pool waterfall ideas are very common, yet it has different applications in the pool. Just like this pool that complements numerous waterfalls.

All of them come in different height, length, and locations. Creating an authentic water effect on the pool. The design also highly match the lush green backyard.

[08 of 10] Rain Harvest

Rain Harvest 8avia: picture

In this design, the owner combines the use of waterfall and water fountains. What makes it fun is that the water is flowing from the Jacuzzi.

The application creates an idea of a unified pool structure. Making everyone can enjoy the lukewarm Jacuzzi water that falling from it.

[09 of 10] Pool Waterfalls 5

Pool Waterfalls 5 9a

Pool Waterfalls 5 9bvia: picture1 , picture2

The application and the landscaping design of many pool waterfall ideas can vary from high to low structures. Here, the huge stone landscape creates an amazing view of the outdoor space.

The nonstop falling water that went through many levels brings soothing sounds that will be perfect for relaxing nights.

[10 of 10] Pool Scott

Pool Scott 10avia: picture

This modern pool incorporates the waterfall idea with a more modern design. You can see the water is flowing from the bowl like decoration pieces.

It also uses an overhead fountains archway that blends with the modern style and architecture. Creating such an authentic yet inviting vibe to relax in the poolside patio.

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