Smart DIY Craft Storage For Kids Project Ideas To Keep Clutter-Free

Craft Storage For Kids

If your kids love creating things, organizing their needs isn’t an easy feat right? One of the ways to help you fight that problem is by providing craft storage for kids. How? The answer is a lot.

If you look on the internet, there are numerous design ideas you can opt from. You can do DIY projects or use some unique and fun ideas to enhance their creativity.

When you incorporate fun and intriguing storages, then the pieces can also turn into some interesting visual value in the room. Check some of these ideas that come with function, fun, and unique appearance.

[01 of 10] Dino DIY

Dino DIY 1bvia: picture

This particular craft storage for kids idea looks fun, simple, yet interesting. The kids can use it to store their play dough save and secure from any dust or dirt.

The color-coordinated dyno miniatures on the jar caps might help you to encourage your kids to tidy up and learn to match the color.

[02 of 10] Collect Your Cardboard

Collect Your Cardboard 2a

Collect Your Cardboard 2bvia: picture1, picture2

Styling your cardboard box is one of the simple solutions. You can do this idea by doing some DIY projects together with your kids.

The shoebox is a great target for your project. You can cover the box with craft paper, color, or draw some motive on it. Voila! Your penholder is done.

[03 of 10] Spinning Storage

Spinning Storage 3a

Spinning Storage 3bvia: picture1, picture2

This design shows how creative and innovative craft storage for kids can be. Using some small steel buckets, and wooden spinning tray you can create such unique supply storage.

The simple spinning design and colorful tin make the piece more interesting. It can hold some pens, scissors, and crayons.

[04 of 10] Mason Jar Madness

Mason Jar Madness 4a

Mason Jar Madness 4bvia: picture1, picture2

Another mason jar design storage is here. Once again, the clear and simple mason jar can be a perfect piece to hold numerous art supplies.

Here, the mason jar’s caps come with cute animal statues. It also has the same color as the cap. Creating a unison visual to engage your kids to tidy up.

[05 of 10] Over The Door Organizer

Over The Door Organizer 5a

Over The Door Organizer 5bvia: picture1, picture2

If you are looking for a simple solution, then you can use a simple hanging plastic organizer just like this picture suggest.

This over-the-door organizer is a perfect solution to save some room space, create enough storage for your kids’ art supplies, and help conceal the Knick knacks behind the door.

[06 of 10] Sassy Salt Shakers

Sassy Salt Shakers 6avia: picture

Another nifty solution to store the glittery material is by using the salt shakers. You can see this image which shows the innovative idea.

Most of the time, the salt shakers’ products come in one package. It consists of numerous bottles to hold each color of the glitters.

[07 of 10] Batch Together The Bits And Bobs

Batch Together The Bits And Bobs 7a

Batch Together The Bits And Bobs 7bvia: picture1, picture2

In this craft storage for kids design, the owner reuses the sewing organizer for the kiddos. You can see how the idea works wonder and also looks amazing.

Every room or container can be filled with different items. Even more interesting, you can utilize this idea to store those scattered Lego pieces.

[08 of 10] Fun On Wheels

Fun On Wheels 8bvia: picture

Looking for small mobile storage? Then make an art cart as your kid’s designated arts supplies shelving. You can see from this picture as an example.

The blueish craft cart has wheels underneath, make it possible to bring and move it around the house. it also has sufficient space to store numerous products on it.

[09 of 10] Crafting Station

Crafting Station 9a

Crafting Station 9bvia: picture1, picture2

One particular idea and piece that very famous for craft storage for kids is the pegboard. It is easy to install and has numerous storing possibilities.

You can hang scissors, some ribbon, add some metal baskets, or incorporate tube-shaped pipes to store pens. Add a striking yellow table to complete the area.

[10 of 10] Tin Time

Tin Time 10a

Tin Time 10bvia: picture1, picture2

Why buying some storage if you can make one from old tin cans? Yes, upcycle and style those old tin can will be a great money-saving solution.

You can create it by simply cleaning the tin can and cover it with colorful paper. If you feel creative, you can even paint them to fit the other ornament.

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