Sisal carpets, without any doubt, are one of the most sustainable options for your interior. While there are so many types of carpet flooring available in the market, sisal Carpets could be a better option if you are looking for something unique, durable, and biodegradable.

If you are not familiar with the characteristics of sisal, then you’ve landed right there. Sisal carpeting seems to be environmentally friendly because it doesn’t off-gas, thereby protecting your indoor environment. Let’s continue reading to know the facts regarding sisal carpeting;

What Actually Sisal Is?

Sisal is derived from a plant named Agave Sisalana—a plant that is grown in semi-rigid areas of the world. Commonly, sisal grows in Africa and Brazil because of adequate environmental conditions. This naturally occurring fiber is extremely durable than coir or jute. All these features make sisal the best carpeting material.

Some of the major benefits of having sisal carpets are:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Durable
  • Biodegradable
  • Anti-Static
  • Colorfast
  • Non-Toxic

While sisal carpeting offers a huge range of benefits, it has some drawbacks too;

  • Sisal is not ideal for outdoors
  • As the fibers are tough and rigid, you can’t comfortably sit on sisal carpets

Some Other Characteristics Of Sisal Carpeting

Choosing natural fibers means you are choosing to have a healthier environment for yourself and your family. Sisal carpets are prone to dirt and dust particles, thereby preventing your health from severe allergic reactions. And since these carpets are not produced with carcinogenic materials, there is no need to get worried about exposing your family and guests. Moreover, there is no use of artificial Colors in the making of sisal carpets. So, these carpets won’t get a stain.

Sisal Rug Upkeep

Whenever you choose carpet for your home, your primary concern is its cleaning and maintenance. The good news is that sisal carpeting is very easy to clean. Even though you cannot clean them with water, you can regularly vacuum these carpets. However, steaming is not recommended. To remove deeper spills, you can clean your sisal carpets with a small amount of club soda. Then dry that area from a blow-dryer or a fan. That’s it!

As we have discussed earlier, moisture is not good for sisal carpets, so they are not recommended for outdoor use. If moisture gets built up in the sisal carpet, it can lead to the growth of mold as well as damage the overall integrity

You may not find these carpets comfortable to sit and walk on, but they can provide your feet with an instant massage. This doesn’t mean sisal is not a good choice. They can leave a lasting impression on your friends and family.

Sisal carpeting is getting more popular day by day. It is considered the best choice if you want a sustainable environment. Make sure to check the quality of your sisal carpet as many retailers are now selling low-quality sisal. If the sample meets your needs, go further otherwise survey different stores to get a quality carpet for your home!