Simple Yet Practical Bathroom Shelves Decor Ideas To Declutter Your Knick Knacks

Bathroom Shelves Decor Ideas

Clutter is a nightmare, especially if it located in the bathroom. Tons of bathroom shelves decor ideas can be your possible solution. Shelves are quite important for everywhere around your house, including this damp and watery area. Your amenities will be kept better with shelving.

They offer a great number of surfaces to store your knick-knacks, come in different styles and models to match the room plus add visual value.

The ideas itself are varying in material, cost, and models. If you feel creative, some of these ideas can be your DIY projects. So, check out the following examples.

[01 of 10] Storage On Wheels

bathroom shelves decor ideas 1avia: picture

A wheeled bathroom shelves decor ideas will be great for those that struggle with small-sized bathroom. Here, the rolling cart with multiple shelves fit perfectly with the room.

The size is not too bulky, the color is matching, and the storages are enough for your bathroom amenities, plus some plants.

[02 of 10] Look To The Walls

Look To The Walls 2a

Look To The Walls 2bvia: picture1 , picture2

This idea uses a very basic wooden bar for the wall shelve. The simple wooden mounted shelve is a great choice for a small bathroom.

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It won’t be overshadowed with other furniture and also won’t overwhelm the room style. It’s all because the design is in the same color scheme.

[03 of 10] A Leather Hanging Shelf

A Leather Hanging Shelf 3a

A Leather Hanging Shelf 3bvia: picture1 , picture2

If you are looking for a DIY project, then the simple leather hanging bathroom shelves decor ideas will be perfect for you.

As seen in the picture, the wooden board is simply hung on leather straps that stick on the wool. It’s adjustable, so you can fit in any nook and cranny.

[04 of 10] A Low Profile Shelf

A Low Profile Shelf 4a

A Low Profile Shelf 4bvia: picture1 , picture2

Take that old ladder and turn it into this beautiful design. located over the toilet, this unique design will be a great attention stealer.

The modern yet rustic design proves that the old ladder can be as beautiful and useful. Paint it dark, and the piece will fit any styles.

[05 of 10] Go Industrial

Go Industrial 5a

Go Industrial 5bvia: picture1 , picture2

Industrial styled shelve still one of the magnificent pieces you can choose from. The simple wood and iron pipes have their charming aesthetic.

Look at this over toilet storage that created a rustic farmhouse vibe. It goes well with the mirror and the antique hanging lamp.

[06 of 10] Multifunctional Shelf

Multifunctional Shelf 6a

Industrial Bathroom Shelvesindustrial bathroom shelf floating pipe shelf reclaimed woodvia: picture1 , picture2

This multi-functional piece that comes with storage space and wooden towel bar will be perfect for small lavatories.

The distressed wooden shelve that painted in white with darker back is functional furniture, but also a nice wall decoration piece. You can place some ornaments such as candles to liven the room.

[07 of 10] Blend Your Shelves

Blend Your Shelves 7a

Blend Your Shelves 7bvia: picture1 , picture2

Many bathroom shelves decor ideas come with striking color, but here the design shows otherwise. The shelving unit has a similar color to the wall.

The idea to blend the pieces is to enhance the ornament and make the decorations stood out. It also makes the room looks less cramped.

[08 of 10] Look To Your Shower

Look To Your Shower 8a

Look To Your Shower 8bvia: picture1 , picture2

This design appears seamless and blends with the tile works. The small corner shelving also doesn’t look crowded and cluttered.

Using this idea will be a great choice for those who are looking for more storage space in the small bathroom or shower corner. A great addition to organizing your shampoos and soaps.

[09 of 10] Try A Folding Table Or Shelf

Try A Folding Table Or Shelf 9a

Try A Folding Table Or Shelf 9bvia: picture1 , picture2

In case you are looking for an idea for a small bathroom, then consider folding bathroom shelves decor ideas. Here, you got to see the folded shelving won’t take a lot of space.

The minimalist shelving unit work doubles as a table. You can use it for makeup vanity, extra surface space, or ironing board.

[10 of 10] More built-ins

More built-ins 10a

More built-ins 10bvia: picture1 , picture2

Here, the sunken built-in shelving looks epic with the room aesthetic. The idea proves that shelving can be a great decoration piece as well.

The natural wooden color blend with the cooper rounded mirror and piping. Creating a unity aesthetic that boosted by the pure white tiles wall.

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