Pallet Bookshelf DIY Made from Secondhand Items

Pallet Bookshelf DIY

Having a pallet bookshelf is important to store your collection of books. So, your house will be neat without messy books here and there. Instead of buying, you can try to do pallet bookshelf DIY.

There are so many ideas that you can try. You can also save your money by making a bookshelf yourself. You can use secondhand items that are not used anymore at your house.

You can make a bookshelf with various designs. From minimalist, modern, vintage, industrial, and so on. Here are some DIY ideas that you can try.

[01 of 05] Simple Pallet Bookshelf DIY

Simple Pallet Bookshelf DIY 1a

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 Make a simple pallet bookshelf DIY by using unused cardboards. Instead of throwing away secondhand cardboards at your house, try to turn them into a pallet bookshelf.

Decorate the cardboards with wrapping paper first. Then, glue some of cardboards to make this simple pallet bookshelf. You can also shape the cardboards by cutting them. Then, place it on your reading table.

[02 of 05] Chair Pallet Bookshelf DIY

Chair Pallet Bookshelf DIY 2a

Chair Pallet Bookshelf DIY 2b

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 If you want a versatile and practical bookshelf, a chair pallet bookshelf is the one for you. You can have it by making a U-shaped bookshelf. It will be better if you use wood materials so that it is strong enough to sit on.

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Then, place a cushion for you to sit on the U-shaped bookshelf. This idea brings a vintage look.

[03 of 05] Bedroom Pallet Bookshelf DIY

Bedroom Pallet Bookshelf DIY 3a

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 Use a secondhand wooden stair as a pallet bookshelf in your bedroom. If your bedroom has the minimalist design, it will be better if you use a white stair. This way, the bookshelf perfectly blends with your interior design.

Place it in the corner of your bedroom so that the spot will not be empty. Add a green plant to give a refresh look.

[04 of 05] Storage Pallet Bookshelf DIY

Storage Pallet Bookshelf DIY 4a

Storage Pallet Bookshelf DIY 4b

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 Do not directly throw away your unused storage. Take benefits of it by using it as a pallet bookshelf. If the storage is made from woods, you can opt for recoating it to get a new look.

Add some decorations, such as photo frames or decorative flowers in order to beautify the storage pallet bookshelf. Interested to try this idea?

[05 of 05] Creative Pallet Bookshelf DIY

Creative Pallet Bookshelf DIY 5a

Creative Pallet Bookshelf DIY 5b

Creative Pallet Bookshelf DIY 5cvia: picture1, picture2, picture3

 If you do not play skateboarding anymore, use your skateboard to do a pallet bookshelf DIY. Place it in your bedroom to have a unique pallet bookshelf.

Hang the skateboard on the wall of your bedroom. Then, place your favorite books on it. This way, you can still reminisce your old hobby. You can repaint your skateboard to decorate it.

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