Japanese Style Bedroom: A Stunning Combination of Traditional Looks and Minimalism

Japanese Style Bedroom

Japanese style bedroom is one of the ideas to apply to make the room feel cozy and stunning. The Japanese interior design itself is known for its minimalism and simplicity. Uniquely, at the same time, the nuance of tradition is still there.

The application of natural materials like wood or bamboo may dominate this idea. Not to forget, it has typical color schemes like brown or white.

So, are you interested to have this bedroom style? Make sure to take a look at some ideas below for more inspirations.

[01 of 05] Modern Japanese Style Bedroom

Modern Japanese Style Bedroom 1a

Modern Japanese Style Bedroom 1cvia: picture1, picture2

Japanese interior itself is one of a few traditional interiors that look modern. So, combining those two ideas, modern and Japanese styles are not a different thing to do inside your bedroom.

A Japanese style bedroom with a modern look focuses on the application of modern-style furniture. Lighting also plays a very important part in it to make the room look livelier. To deepen the Japanese look, you can add ornaments and decorations like planthouses and bonsai.

[02 of 05] Minimalist Japanese Style Bedroom

Minimalist Japanese Style Bedroom 2b

Minimalist Japanese Style Bedroom 2c

Minimalist Japanese Style Bedroom 2dvia: picture1, picture2, picture3

The concepts of modern and minimalist are just the same. Of course, minimalism itself is a part of modernity. So, the description of a minimalist Japanese bedroom is not so much different from the modern one.

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Lessening details like engravings is a good part of a minimalist interior. Since Japanese style naturally has it, there should be no more questions anyway.

[03 of 05] Traditional Japanese Style Bedroom

Traditional Japanese Style Bedroom 3a

Traditional Japanese Style Bedroom 3b

Traditional Japanese Style Bedroom 3cvia: picture1, picture2, picture3

Traditional Japanese bedrooms have been minimalist enough. But to make it look more traditional, without any modern touch, there are some matters you may need to apply.

First, in a Japanese style bedroom with traditional looks, the mattress should be placed on the floor. You can use a low bed instead of the high one. Second, the application of sunshades simply deepens the Japanese look.

[04 of 05] Japanese Style Bedroom for Kids

Japanese Style Bedroom for Kids 4a

Japanese Style Bedroom for Kids 4b

Japanese Style Bedroom for Kids 4cvia: picture1, picture2, picture3

Almost similar to other ideas above, a Japanese bedroom for kids also focuses on minimalism and some natural material applications.

But sure, you should not forget elements that make it look better for kids. For example, rather than using neutral and minimalist colors, you can use the more cheerful ones like pink, green, blue, and others.

[05 of 05] Japanese Style Bedroom Bamboo

Japanese Style Bedroom Bamboo 5a

Japanese Style Bedroom Bamboo 5b

Japanese Style Bedroom Bamboo 5cvia: picture1, picture2, picture3

Bamboo is a material that commonly dominates the Asian interior, including Japanese. Aside from being used as furniture, raw bamboo pieces are good for decorations.

You can also plant some ornamental bamboo houseplants inside. Some pots of bonsai and cherry blossom trees are great also to deepen the Japanese look inside.

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