Dog Pen Design Ideas You Can Try

Dog Pen Design

If you do not want your dog to sleep or take a nap anywhere at your house, then you should consider having a dog pen design.

But, know that a dog pen is like a castle for your dog. So, it will be better if you decorate it with an attractive dog pen so that your dog will be comfortable playing or sleeping there.

You can choose dog pen designs based on the area where you will place it. Such as indoor or outdoor. This way, you can consider the materials used. Here are some ideas that you can try.

[01 of 05] Garage Dog Pen Designs

Garage Dog Pen Designs 1a

Garage Dog Pen Designs 1b

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 If your garage is not spacious, you can consider choosing a metallic foldable dog pen design. This kind of dog pen comes with various sizes, shapes, and heights. The main benefit of this dog pen is it is foldable.

You can add synthetic grass so that your dog feels like they are outdoor. Choose the roofless one since it is placed indoor.

[02 of 05] Above Ground Dog Pen Designs

Above Ground Dog Pen Designs 2a

Above Ground Dog Pen Designs 2b

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 If you are planning to place the dog pen above ground, a chain-linked box kennel might be suitable. Such a dog pen is ideal for aggressive large breed dogs.

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You can add a dog run if you want to. So that your dog can exercise in their dog pen with the dog run. This dog pen is available in various sizes.

[03 of 05] Living Room Dog Pen Designs

Living Room Dog Pen Designs 3a

Living Room Dog Pen Designs 3b

Living Room Dog Pen Designs 3c

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 A fenced dog pen design is a great idea to be placed in a living room. You can buy or do DIY by using wooden planks to have it. Arrange the wooden planks according to your desired shape.

Make a small door at one end of the dog pen. Then, place it in the empty corner of your living room.

[04 of 05] Plexiglass Dog Pen Designs

Plexiglass Dog Pen Designs 4a

Plexiglass Dog Pen Designs 4b

Plexiglass Dog Pen Designs 4c

Plexiglass Dog Pen Designs 4dvia: picture1, picture2, picture3, picture4

A plexiglass dog pen is a great choice if you want to have a modern dog pen. You will be able to see your lovely dog with such a dog pen.

Combine the dog pen with a white frame to strengthen the modern look. Try adding a comfy grey dog bed or rug to maximize the comfort for your dog.

[05 of 05] Roof Dog Pen Designs

Roof Dog Pen Designs 5a

Roof Dog Pen Designs 5b

Roof Dog Pen Designs 5cvia: picture1, picture2, picture3

If you want to bring a beachy atmosphere to your dog pen, you can add hay or coconut leaves on the roof. This idea is more suitable if you place the dog pen outside.

Then, paint the roof yellow to represent the sunshine or blue to represent the ocean. Combine the look with a bamboo accent to accentuate the beachy look

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