Decorating A Log Cabin Ideas To Boost The Charming And Romantic Vibe

Decorating A Log Cabin

There is something unique about the log cabin. It has a certain charm that you can’t find on other building, especially with some gorgeous décor. Decorating a log cabin come in many ways and forms.

There are numerous ideas you can find to enhance the room aesthetic. There are some concepts that implement certain furnishing and décor style, or utilizing nature to the room.

Whether you are interested to decorate your home like a log cabin or want to decorate the existing cabin, there is no limitation in it. Here are some interesting decoration concepts to get you inspired.

[01 of 10] Warm Furnishing

Decorating A Log Cabin 1a

Decorating A Log Cabin 1bvia: picture1, picture2

The first decorating a log cabin idea come with the series of warm furnishing. You can see in the picture, how the decoration is very minimal to accentuate the majestic room layout.

Simple wall painting, vases, planters, and the statement chandelier fill the spacious room without being too overwhelming.

[02 of 10] Simplistic Bathroom Design

Simplistic Bathroom Design 2a

Simplistic Bathroom Design 2bvia: picture1, picture2

Here, you can see that the simplistic style is adopted to the bathroom. Creating the space looks spacious and balanced.

The décor pieces come scarcely which match the simplistic room style. It appears as small wall decors, a wall painting, wooden bark at the corner, an antique chandelier, and a statement chair.

[03 of 10] Rustic Kitchen Décor

Rustic Kitchen Décor 3a

Rustic Kitchen Décor 3b

Rustic Kitchen Décor 3cvia: picture1, picture2  ,  picture3

Complementing and matching the existing room design is the point of decorating a log cabin. Here, the rustic kitchen décor seems astonishing with small knick knacks.

To enhance the rustic feeling you can see some mason jars on top of the cabinetry, wall painting, and the unique fruit basket.

[04 of 10] Bringing The Outdoors In

Bringing The Outdoors In 4a

Bringing-The-Outdoors-In-4bvia: picture1, picture2

Bringing nature to the room can be done by emphasizing the building material. Since you got log cabin, then show how beautiful the wooden element is.

In this picture, you can find how much wood, stone, and the plants incorporated in the room. The design state its beauty through well selected decorative pieces.

[05 of 10] Emphasizing Room Shapes

Emphasizing Room Shapes 5a

Emphasizing Room Shapes 5bvia: picture1, picture2

The shiplap wood design in this bedroom show how attractive the asymmetric shape is. The bedroom log cabin looks unique and warm at the same time.

The décor is very scarce to enhance the serene and calm area. You can find a wooden triangle shelving, wall décor, table, rug, and bedding for the décor.

[06 of 10] Contemporary Contrast

Contemporary Contrast 6a

Contemporary Contrast 6bvia: picture1, picture2

In case you want a log cabin with a bit of modern touch, then this idea is perfect for you. It combines contemporary kitchen with its unique décor and furniture in a log cabin.

The decorative pieces made of woods such as the seating, help bridge the gap between modern and traditional aesthetic.

[07 of 10] Statement Light Fixtures

Statement Light Fixtures 7a

Statement Light Fixtures 7bvia: picture1, picture2

Decorating a log cabin also be done by adding statement light fixture like this picture suggest. The branch line arms make the chandelier will steal your attention.

It is a great piece of decoration as well as a great lighting sources. To match the vibe, you can choose rustic furniture and décor ornaments.

[08 of 10] Barn Style Doors

Barn Style Doors 8a

Barn Style Doors 8bvia: picture1, picture2

In this picture, you got to see how creative the use of barn door for the bathroom. It turns into a such authentic visual yet practical as well.

To enhance the cabin aesthetic, the antique pendulum lights and the stars shaped wooden ornaments are installed on the sink area.

[09 of 10] Add Some Bold Color

Add Some Bold Color 9a

Add Some Bold Color 9bvia: picture1, picture2

Most of the time, log cabin comes in one warm earth-tone color. But, decorating a log cabin with some bold color furniture, paints, and ornament will make the room interesting.

Here, you can see some colorful ornaments. The paint, sofa, rugs, and any others furniture have green in it to add color to the area.

[10 of 10] Rustic Wall Hung Sink

Rustic Wall Hung Sink 10a

Rustic Wall Hung Sink 10bvia: picture1, picture2

Show how cool a log cabin can be by adding some statement pieces here and there. From this picture, a unique wooden wall hung sink make the bathroom seems impressive.

The gray wall paint accentuates the sink even more. Add two lanterns like lighting’s for an extra rustic decoration touch.

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