Smart And Creative Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas For All Kind Of Room

Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas

A tray ceiling can change the appearance of the simple flat surface. The different level adds height and makes a distinctive appearance. Add color and it turns even more interesting, just like some of these tray ceiling paint ideas.

Many people don’t care about their ceiling paint. Look up! Your ceiling is another canvas to express your taste and creativity. The right color above your head can transform the look and feel of space.

Add color to your fancy tray ceiling and liven up the room. Below are some interesting paint ideas that will show you how important the ceiling design is.

[01 of 10] Eclectic Green And White Paint

Eclectic Green And White Paint 1a

Eclectic Green And White Paint 1bvia: picture1 , picture2

In this picture, you got a unique ceiling for your bedroom. The tray ceiling paint ideas come with two color scheme of white and soft green striped pattern.

The green shade is chosen to match the wall paint, creating a unity looks and unique focal point of the room.

[02 of 10] Blue And White Beach Style

Blue And White Beach Style 2a

Blue And White Beach Style 2bvia: picture1 , picture2

Using the shooting and calming dusty blue is a great color scheme for both the wall and the ceiling paint. Here, the wall has a slightly darker shade.

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The ceiling is lighter that also incorporate white paint. The color combination of white and dusty blue shade is perfect for the beachfront house.

[03 of 10] Deep Blue Ceiling

Deep Blue Ceiling 3a

Deep Blue Ceiling 3bvia: picture1 , picture2

Many tray ceiling paint ideas incorporate dark colors in it. In this case, the deep blue color comes as the same hue with the wall paint as well.

However, they are separated by white molding and trimming. The ceiling lighting fixtures create illusions like stars on the dark starry skies.

[04 of 10] Tropical White And Wooden Texture

Tropical White And Wooden Texture 4a

Tropical White And Wooden Texture 4bvia: picture1 , picture2

In this tropical style room, the color scheme is white and brown. The warm and calming hues are applied all over the room.

You can see the wooden trimming and furniture. Brown also applied on curtain, bedding, and rug. While the wall and ceiling are in white to balance the earth-tone color.

[05 of 10] Dreamy Grayish Color

Dreamy Grayish Color 5a

Dreamy Grayish Color 5bvia: picture1 , pinture2

Gray is a color that states a calm and dreamy vibe. A perfect color for a luxurious or modern style bedroom just like this picture.

You can see the high tray ceiling is painted in slightly lighter gray shade than the wall. The sophisticating hanging lamp creates a great focal point.

[06 of 10] Extravagant Brown And Mustard Lighting

Extravagant Brown And Mustard Lighting 6a

Extravagant Brown And Mustard Lighting 6bvia: picture1 , picture2

For you who want a luxurious grand bedroom, this picture shows you how the ceiling design, color, and lighting complete the looks.

The oval tray ceiling is painted in brown, but it looks way better with the mustard lighting hidden in it. The light effect brings depth and adds sophistication to the room.

[07 of 10] Stunning White Patterned Ceiling

Stunning White Patterned Ceiling 7a

Stunning White Patterned Ceiling 7bvia: picture1 , picture2

In case you got an already beautiful patterned design, then the tray ceiling paint ideas will be better in white. You can see in this picture.

Since the ceiling has a pattern, the white paint enhances the texture and complement the dark blue wall. It also has lighting fixtures which are good aesthetic points.

[08 of 10] Gold Dust Color

Gold Dust Color 8a

Gold Dust Color 8bvia: picture1 , picture2

In this picture, the tray-style ceiling matches the flooring and furniture color. It uses gold dust color to make a focal point from the room.

The wall is painted in light blue shade and so does the other tray ceiling. In this design, the contrasting tray creates extra height and depth.

[09 of 10] Cozy Dark Gray Ceiling

Cozy Dark Gray Ceiling 9a

Cozy Dark Gray Ceiling 9bvia: picture1 , picture2

Other tray ceiling paint ideas that use dark color is like in this picture. Surprisingly, the misty gray that incorporated with brown and white create a cozy atmosphere.

Here, the ceiling also comes with white paint and lighting fixtures. Adding some color and brighten the room.

[10 of 10] Mediterranean Gray And White Ceiling

Mediterranean Gray And White Ceiling 10a

Mediterranean Gray And White Ceiling 10bvia: picture1 , picture2

You got dark gray, now the light gray is also appealing. Here, you got to see the white molding, furniture, and flooring blend together with gray creating a sophisticating home office.

The same shaded gray for wall and the ceiling create a unity appearance. It also makes the goose painting stand out.

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