5 Creative DIY Speaker Stands That are Easy to Make

Creative DIY Speaker Stands

Making a pair of DIY speaker stands allows you to get a better quality of sound without breaking your budget. Some homeowners opt for mounting their speakers on the wall. Of course, it saves up the floor space.

However, it doesn’t save you from a bad sound quality since there is no vibration. It is safe to say that having a speaker stand is important, especially if you demand the best experience of watching movies, listening to music, and anything you do with your entertainment center.

Below, you can find several inspiring pictures and ideas of TV stands. The good news is that you can make your own.

[01 of 05] DIY Speaker Stands Wood

DIY Speaker Stands Wood 1a

DIY Speaker Stands Wood 1bvia: picture1, picture2

The easiest of DIY speaker stands is the one made of wood. Wooden speaker stands would be suitable if you need to accommodate your stereo speaker. The materials are easy to find yet the steps are not difficult to follow.

Wooden speaker stands are an affordable option for your speakers. You can even paint or stain the wood as you prefer.

[02 of 05] DIY Speaker Stands PVC

DIY Speaker Stands PVC 2a

DIY Speaker Stands PVC 2b

DIY Speaker Stands PVC 2cvia: picture1, picture2, picture3

If you need a cheaper option, the speaker stands made of PVC would be a good idea. This lightweight material would be easy to assemble. Yet, you can get a super cool pair of speaker stands for your room.

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It is highly recommended to use a bigger dimension. Smaller ones may create an unstable base. Measure your speaker stands carefully to make the speakers’ right fit.

[03 of 05] DIY Speaker Stands Pipe

DIY Speaker Stands Pipe 3a

DIY Speaker Stands Pipe 3b

DIY Speaker Stands Pipe 3fvia: picture1, picture2, picture3

Metal pipes are suitable for bigger yet heavier speakers. DIY speaker stands for heavy items that require a more solid material. Besides giving a nice pair of stands for your speaker, you can get a bold statement for your room through this item.

The joints are sturdy enough to handle heavy weights. On the other hand, you don’t need to buy a new speaker stand.

[04 of 05] DIY Speaker Stands for Desk

DIY Speaker Stands for Desk 4a

DIY Speaker Stands for Desk 4b

DIY Speaker Stands for Desk 4cvia: picture1, picture2, picture3

In case you are looking for ideas for DIY stands for desktop speakers, this picture might inspire you as well. Adjusting the height will allow you to get a much better sound. Feel free to explore the material.

But one thing for sure, you can get additional storage by creating this DIY stand for your speakers. You can even rely on super glue to make a strong speaker stand construction.

[05 of 05] DIY Speaker Stands for Large Speakers

DIY Speaker Stands for Large Speakers 5a

DIY Speaker Stands for Large Speakers 5b

DIY Speaker Stands for Large Speakers 5cvia: picture1, picture2, picture3

In case you are specifically looking for larger speaker stands, you may use bigger PVC pipes to handle the weight. Of course, it requires a few pieces of PVC tubes and several pieces of wooden boards.

Check out the pictures to find out how aesthetically pleasing the speaker stands are. As has been mentioned before, you don’t need to spend a hefty amount of money on speaker stands.

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