Toilet Paper Holder DIY

5 Creative Toilet Paper Holder DIY Ideas to Try at Home

When toilet paper holders may not come to your priority list, this item can infuse a personality to your bathroom. In case buying one could wreck your budget – especially the one that matches your…

Unique Bathroom Vanities

Chic and Unique Bathroom Vanities Ideas

For some people, the bathroom is not always the most inspiring and exciting space in a home to decorate. It means that they have standard white items, such as shower/ tub, sink, and so on….

blue and brown bathroom sets - 21 Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas

10 Captivating Brown Bathrooms Ideas to Upgrade Your Lavatory Space

The bathroom is a private space that must be made in every house. Some people may look for brown bathrooms ideas. Because it gives you natural vibes. The brown also is known as one of…

Gray and White Bathroom

5 Creative Gray and White Bathroom Design For Aesthetic Appearance

Talking about gray and white bathroom design, people often considered an as bland and boring shade of decorating. But with the right approach, these colors can look gorgeous, elegant even in the unusual bathroom. You…

Mid Century Modern Bathroom

Mid Century Modern Bathroom Ideas to Beautify Your Lavatory

Who said bathing is such a boring activity? By applying the concept of mid century modern bathroom, you can make yourself enjoy a bathroom with a good atmosphere. Some people underestimate the comfort of their…

Teen Girl Bathroom Toilet Ideas 4b

5 Ideas for a Sweet and Cute Teen Girl Bathroom

How should a teen girl bathroom be? A bathroom for teenage girls may not be different from bathrooms for other people. But as you know, girls may want it to be cuter and girly along with all…

Tiny House Shower

Small and Tiny House Shower Ideas

A small bathroom in a small home gives you brilliant ideas. You can check some bathroom ideas below and find the best and stylish ideas to steal your bathroom. There are many ways to do…

Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Best Bathroom Curtain Ideas for Any Style

If you are on the market to makeover your bathroom space, then there are some ideas to choose from. It is tricky to decide what style of bathroom windows is perfect for your space. They…

Bathroom Shelves Decor Ideas

Simple Yet Practical Bathroom Shelves Decor Ideas To Declutter Your Knick Knacks

Clutter is a nightmare, especially if it located in the bathroom. Tons of bathroom shelves decor ideas can be your possible solution. Shelves are quite important for everywhere around your house, including this damp and…

Curtain Ideas For Bathroom

Bring Coverage And Style, 10 Curtain Ideas For Bathroom You Can Easily Adopt

Choosing the right curtain for the bathroom is not an easy feat. From different kinds of material to models, curtain ideas for bathrooms are varying with tons of considerations to take. Don’t say that you…