Floor coverings are constantly there, but how much do you know about the fibers you walk on daily? The contrast between a rug and a carpet, which are sometimes used interchangeably, is one that everyone should be aware of when it comes to these floor coverings. 

However, knowing these terms’ distinctions is critical when shopping for home design, furnishing a room, and placing fabrics on the floor. Check out Decor Chantilly rugs today for the best options. 

Here are the similarities and distinctions between these two necessities for home design.

The definitions 

A rug is a thick, heavy piece of cloth with a nap or pile used as a floor covering. A carpet is also a thick, frequently tufted cloth used as a floor covering and a layer or surface suggesting or resembling a carpet. Synonyms? Absolutely.

Then what is the difference between a rug and a carpet? 

The difference between a carpet and a rug appears to be movability. A carpet is a floor-attached covering that runs from wall to wall. Conversely, rugs are usually smaller (by a lot or a little) than the room’s square footage and are not attached to the floor. They may be rolled up and transferred from one location to another.

Why are some rugs called carpets? 

As previously stated, there is some ambiguity or space for interpretation in the meanings and usage of the terms rug and carpet. So calling a rug a carpet is not incorrect (nor is calling a carpet a rug).

This is perhaps more common when referring to a bigger area rug. For example, a Persian rug that covers most of your living room floor may easily be referred to as a carpet. The inverse is also true. Rugs are another name for carpets. This is common when a piece of carpet is turned into an area rug or runner.

Decision factors 

You have been looking at several rug and carpet alternatives and creating a shortlist of your favorites. However, making a final decision – selecting the right one — may be difficult.

After all, it is a significant financial investment on your part. You will also have to live with whatever you choose for a long time. It is also crucial to note that your decorating style reflects your personality and might impact how you feel and operate in that place.

So, when it comes time to make a decision, make sure you analyze all of the issues and seek the advice of an expert if necessary.