Everything You Need to Know about Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir white granite is one of the most desirable countertop materials on the market. This can elevate the value of your home both financially and aesthetically. This material is also called and widely known as the Kashmir Cream.

This granite has an appearance like marbles. Choosing this material for flooring, countertops, backsplash, or even your bathroom amenities could add an elegant touch. Some homeowners also prefer this granite for staircases.

Coming from India, this material is consistently popular. At some point, you may find it overwhelming to choose the best one for your kitchen or bathroom. Read this article and find out everything about this material.

[01 of 05] Kashmir White Granite Countertop

Kashmir White Granite Countertop 1A

Kashmir White Granite Countertop 1b

Kashmir White Granite Countertop 1cvia: picture1, picture2, picture3

Kashmir white granite is an ideal choice for your kitchen countertops. Its light color compliments a kitchen for an airy vibe. As has been explained earlier, this material looks like marbles, which radiates an elegant impression throughout the room.

This granite comes in various colors from white to light gray with some dark flecks. Choosing the one that suits your kitchen will make a huge impact.

[02 of 05] Kashmir White Granite Backsplash

Kashmir White Granite Backsplash 2a

Kashmir White Granite Backsplash 2b

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This granite is also suitable for backsplash. Besides white to light gray, you may also find Kashmir Cream in red or cranberry and sometimes peach.

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If your kitchen is rather smaller, linear patterns may suit better. Meanwhile, if you have a bigger kitchen, you have more flexibility to choose the pattern. Keep in mind that lighter colors require more detailed maintenance.

[03 of 05] Kashmir White Granite with Cherry Cabinets

Kashmir White Granite with Cherry Cabinets 3a

Kashmir White Granite with Cherry Cabinets 3b

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In case you want to add a splash of color in the kitchen, Kashmir white granite also looks great with cherry cabinets. As has been mentioned earlier, some of Kashmir whites feature hints of peach and brown.

You will never go wrong with this granite. Its versatility allows homeowners to mix and match according to the décor style. Pairing Kashmir whites with cherry cabinets will contrast the unique patterns on each slab.

[04 of 05] Kashmir White Granite Flooring

Kashmir White Granite Flooring 4a

Kashmir White Granite Flooring 4b

Kashmir White Granite Flooring 4cvia: picture1, picture2, picture3

Due to the versatility of Kashmir whites, many homeowners also use it for flooring. However, keep in mind that the lighter color means more maintenance required.

In case you will use this granite for flooring, sealing the surface will save you from costly maintenance. Resin sealant is recommended since it will maintain the surface for 15 years on heavy-duty areas.

[05 of 05] Kashmir White Granite Bathroom

Kashmir White Granite Bathroom 5a

Kashmir White Granite Bathroom 5b

Kashmir White Granite Bathroom 5cvia: picture1, picture2, picture3

As has been explained before, lighter colored granites tend to be more porous. This material looks great for your bathroom just like what you see in the picture.

However, you need to seal it properly. Also, Kashmir white granites carry different porosity from one slab to another. Working directly with the dealer will allow you to find out the most proper maintenance.

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