Ten Epic Gamer Room Decor Ideas To Step Up Your Game

Gamer Room Decor Ideas -

Having a dedicated gaming room is like the biggest dream for every gamer. Here are some epic gamer room decor ideas that will step your dream even further.

You will find some impressive decoration ideas that will boost the room aesthetically and functionally. How to do it? You got simple lighting tricks to unique furniture for decor.

It can be combining your bedroom, transforming the living room for gaming, or fuse any kind of your other hobbies with this particular exciting room. Interested? Go ahead and check out some of these ideas to upgrade your gamer room.

[01 of 10] RGB and Screens

RGB and Screens 1avia: picture

Playing with colors, utilizing the use of monitors, and use interesting lighting fixtures are very common for many amazing gamer room decor ideas.

Here, all of the screen and lighting integrated into one color scheme – RGB. You got red, green, and blue that create mesmerizing shade, illumination, and looks.

[02 of 10] His And Her Gaming Room

His And Her Gaming Room 2avia: picture

When you want to share your joy with the significant one, this idea will be perfect. The His and Her decoration model appear in the identical seating and gaming setup.

The same comfort and the side by side location will enhance the interaction and sharing experience, without hindered by overdone decoration.

[03 of 10] Rustic Gaming Room

Rustic Gaming Room 3a

Rustic Gaming Room 3bvia: picture1 , picture2

Gamer room decor ideas can appear as appealing as you want. This idea fuses the office space and gaming setup into one warm rustic yet modern gaming room.

The décor comes in the same theme. Wood, metal, warm lighting, and carpeting create a perfect industrial or a farmhouse vibe.

[04 of 10] Mario Bedroom

Mario Bedroom 4avia: picture

Placing some stuffed toys, shelving, and game-themed paint is a perfect idea for game enthusiasts. Just like this picture that full of Mario design.

The wall paint, decal, and shelving look exactly like the game setting. But the grey bedding looks different to state its importance in the room.

[05 of 10] Gaming Or Music Setup

Gaming Or Music Setup 5a

Gaming Or Music Setup 5bvia: picture1 , picture2

In this design, the owner fused the music production room with the gaming room. You can see all the important audio devices add different aesthetic value in the room.

With cool blue lighting color, unique standing lamp, futuristic wall panel, and the overall color scheme come together creating this impressive game/music room.

[06 of 10] Gaming Console Display Shelf

Gaming Console Display Shelf 6a

Gaming Console Display Shelf 6bvia: picture1 , picture2

Show how much you love gaming with this idea. Especially, if you got numerous retro console such as NES, game boy, to the old PS1 game.

The simple 3×3 shelve with RGB lighting will be a great collection to your gaming room. The shelving also looks awesome as a decorative piece.

[07 of 10] Steampunk Room

Steampunk Room 7a

Steampunk Room 7bvia: picture1 , picture2

This idea is a complete game-changer to your room. From many gamer room decor ideas, utilizing one particular theme is enough to enhance the room aesthetically.

Here, the steampunk or industrial-inspired setting appears from numerous copper tubing and conduit on the walls and ceiling. It even has this messy feeling on it.

[08 of 10] NES Controller Coffee Table

NES Controller Coffee Table 8avia: picture

Looking for a unique piece of furniture? this NES controller inspired coffee table, not only a great piece of décor but also a nice touch of furniture.

It has the classic monochrome color that will fit like a glove for your modern styled room and be an effective attention grabber.

[09 of 10] Color Coordinated

Color Coordinated 9a

Color Coordinated 9bvia: picture1 , picture2

Gamer room decor ideas don’t always have to be clad in intriguing striking colors. Here, the simple red, white, and grey make the room gaming area standout.

The simple wall decoration that comes in red, competent the color aesthetic of the desk and CPU. It also adds color to the area.

[10 of 10] Comic Book Gaming Room

Comic Book Gaming Room 10a

Comic Book Gaming Room 10bvia: picture1 , picture2

Once again your other hobbies related decoration can be the perfect pieces for your gaming room. Just like this picture with numerous comic book related posters and arts.

The different types of displays just state your preference and taste, adding visual value to the wall, and fit with the lighting fixtures.

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